2021年、江ノ島の海辺の集落から生まれた園田努、高野諒大、池田抄英による3人組バンドmaya ongaku。魂のルーツを超えたアーシーなサイケデリアを奏でる地元ミュージシャンの有象無象の集合体。その名の由来は、古代文明からではなく、視野の外にある想像上の景色を意味する新造語。「自然発生」と表現する、非生物から生物が生まれるとされる現象の集大成が<maya ongaku>の原点である。

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Hailing from the seaside communities surrounding Enoshima, a small island located 50 km southwest of Tokyo, Maya Ongaku is a ragtag collective of local musicians whose brand of earthy psychedelia transcends widely beyond the roots of their inner souls. The name derives not from any kind of ancient civilization, but rather a neologism defined as the imagined view outside one’s field of vision. The band—currently a trio of Tsutomu Sonoda, Ryota Takano, and Shoei Ikeda—finds sanctuary at the Ace General Store, a beachy vintage shop and salon-like space just hidden from sight from the bustling, touristy riverside Subana Street. Between discussions on music and art, curating the vinyl section and manning the register, and chatting up with locals young and old, the members find time to jam and record their spontaneous ideas in the studio tucked away in the back. It’s in this unlikely setting where Maya Ongaku finds its origins, the culmination of what Sonoda describes as 自然発生 (shizen hassei), meaning spontaneous generation, or the supposed production of living organisms from nonliving matter.